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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this?

Send It Later is an add-on for the popular group communication platform Google Chat™ that is part of the Google Workspace™ application suite. The app makes it easy to schedule messages for later delivery.

Message scheduling allows for a calmer team culture where digital well-being is better ensured, and communication happens when it has the best impact.

How do I schedule a chat message for later delivery with Send It Later

Once the app is installed, use the command /later from the message field withing Google Chat™ to schedule messages.

For example:
• To schedule a message for tomorrow morning type /later Hey there! at 9am tomorrow into the message field and hit enter.
• Schedule a message in 5 minutes in the current channel by typing /later Hey there! in 5 minutes.

How can I see my current scheduled messages?

Use the /later list command to view a list of your scheduled messages.

How do I cancel a message?

Use the /later list command to view a list of your scheduled messages. Each message in the list has a cancel button.

In what ways can I write the date and time when scheduling a message?

There are multiple ways of describing when the message you want to schedule should appear for the recipient. Some examples:

/later Hey in 30 minutes
/later Hey in 3 hours
/later Hey in 1 day
/later Hey at 9am tomorrow
/later Hey at 3pm today
/later Hey at 3pm (same day or next day depending on if time has passed)
/later Hey at 9 tomorrow
/later Hey at 9.30 tomorrow
/later Hey at 15:30 tomorrow
/later Hey at 9 tomorrow
/later Hey at 1 september 16:00
/later Hey at 2 sept 9am