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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this?

Send It Later is an add-on for the popular group communication platform Google Chat™ that is part of the Google Workspace™ application suite. The app makes it easy to schedule messages for later delivery.

Message scheduling allows for a calmer team culture where digital well-being is better ensured, and communication happens when it has the best impact.

How do I schedule a chat message for later delivery with Send It Later

Once the app is installed, use the command /later from the message field withing Google Chat™ to schedule messages.

For example:
• To schedule a message for tomorrow morning type /later Hey there! at 9am tomorrow into the message field and hit enter.
• Schedule a message in 5 minutes in the current channel by typing /later Hey there! in 5 minutes.

How can I see my current scheduled messages?

Use the /later list command to view a list of your scheduled messages.

How do I cancel a message?

Use the /later list command to view a list of your scheduled messages. Each message in the list has a cancel button.

Why are my messages not getting delivered?

The most common reason for messages not being delivered is that the app has not been authorized fully for your account. To re-authorize Send It Later to send messages on your behalf, simply type the command /later authorize in any chat and follow the instructions.

In what ways can I write the date and time when scheduling a message?

There are multiple ways of describing when the message you want to schedule should appear for the recipient. Some examples:

/later Hey in 30 minutes
/later Hey in 3 hours
/later Hey in 1 day
/later Hey at 9am tomorrow
/later Hey at 3pm today
/later Hey at 3pm (same day or next day depending on if time has passed)
/later Hey at 9 tomorrow
/later Hey at 9.30 tomorrow
/later Hey at 15:30 tomorrow
/later Hey at 9 tomorrow
/later Hey at 1 september 16:00
/later Hey at 2 sept 9am

What is the default scheduling time when I open the scheduling modal?

When you open the modal to schedule a chat message, the system automatically suggests a default time based on your current local time. This time is a convenient suggestion to help you get started, but you can always change it to suit your needs. The default scheduling times are:

Before 08:55, the suggested time is 09:00 on the same day.
Between 08:45 and 12:45, the suggested time is 13:00 on the same day.
Between 12:45 and 15:45, the suggested time is 16:00 on the same day.
After 16:00, the suggested time is 09:00 the following day (skipping weekends).

Can I mention/tag users in scheduled messages?

Yes, if you use /later command directly to schedule messages.

For example: /later Hey @Jane in 5 minutes. This also supports @all.

However, if you use the scheduling modal, you can't mention users in the message. This is a limitation of the Google Chat API.

How do I remove a app from my Google Workspace?

To uninstall a app and remove it from all conversations, visit the My apps section in Google Workspace.

For more details on uninstalling apps, refer to this Google Support page.